Thursday, June 14, 2012

No more teachers no more ....

The year is spinning to an end.
I keep singing the that song from my childhood.
No more homework 
No more books
And then the question comes up- is the next line
No more teacher's dirty looks
Let the teacher's hang on hooks.

Both feel terribly archaic to me, the first because no one seems the least bit stymied by any look I might generate and the second because we don't seem to have any hooks anywhere.

Oh wait there is a hook in the lockers- but nobody wants to "rent" the lockers after the winter months so I haven't seen those hooks in ages.  And anyway those lockers are way too skinny to squeeze my big behind into.

Sixth grade social studies ended up being a cinematic tour of Africa. The last movie we watched is called The First Grader, I carefully researched so many movies about Africa, Netflix puts African dramas and documentaries first, for my preference.  But The First Grader, just came up in the new release stream.
The coach was covering my class yesterday (long, complicated Regents testing week) and I promised him I would leave the movie set up for him,

"Your going to show these sixth graders a little kid movie?" he asked
"Little kid movie? How old do you think the first grader of the movie name, is exactly?"
"Uh- six, maybe seven?"

"Nope- eighty four! Watch the movie coach!"
 It is a great movie of  a Kenya freedom fighter who learns to read at an advanced age.

Now if only Netflix would get Invictus.
It would end African movies 101- I'm afraid I might have to buy it from Amazon.

Maybe I should sing

No more homework 
No more movies
I don't know what rhymes with movies?