Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Last year I went with the Union to Lobby Day.  Our esteemed governor was too busy with the Charter Schools to meet with us but he sent an aide.

I told the story of Mohammed.

When Mario, the esteemed governor's father was running for governor (its a family thing), he ran a campaign ad filmed in a small family grocery store.  His parents were immigrants who found their American Dream  at a grocery store not far from the school.  Not so far from our homes either.  

When my co-teacher asked Mohammed if he wanted to own a chain of groceries like many of the students in the school aspired to, Mohammed shook his head, "my father doesn't want me to stand on my feet fourteen hours a day like him, he wants me to go to college and have a career."

Mohammed came early everyday, and took down the chairs.  Mohammed stayed late everyday and helped clean up, put the homework answers on the computer, bailed me out when I got stuck on the computer, and tutor anyone who came by for help.

I told the governor's aide, all I wanted from the governor was to fund public education so Mohammed would  have the opportunities that his father did.

Yesterday Mohammed graduated.  He was afraid his parents would not be able to make it, so he asked my co-teacher if we could go.  We did.  So did his parents.  Mohammed won the science award, he won several big scholarships.  

Outside we hugged and said goodbye.  

Mohammed thanked me for everything I did. 

No, thank you Mohammed.

You made it all worthwhile.