Sunday, October 28, 2007


I want to write a blog.
I want to write a new teacher blog.

But I need a time machine.
It is no longer 1978.
Okay, so I am not fresh, inexperienced and brand new to the often frustrating, often infuriating and occasionally rewarding world of education. I'm still overwhelmed. I still spend my nights worrying, my days scurrying and my weekends sieving through the ton of paper work and preparation that the new teachers at my school keeping asking me hopefully when they won't have to spend so much time doing. When they stop changing the curriculum- I suppose, or maybe when next year's classes have the same needs and strengths as this year's. That hasn't happened in the last three decades but you never know.

I was once in a museum with my family a few years back. I had left my then young adolescent daughters in the children's section , while their father and I perused a section that was of no interest to them. As closing time approached I asked the guard where the children's section was, as we had wandered away in the maze-like rooms. He pointed us in the direction but not without telling us that it was late for us to being looking for the children's room. "Late in the day, or late in our lives? " I wrote in my journal later that night.

So it's late for me to be writing a teacher blog. Late in the school year and maybe late in my career. But in between looking at the retirement account totals and reading the 55/25 news - I'll add my tired old opinions to the fresh new voices.

Advice from my husband- "Avoid clearly identifiable information- unless you're ready to put your retirement papers in now." (Still fall short of the 55 part)

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