Monday, November 5, 2007

Good writers

I'm a good writer.
But G. is better.
She told me so.

We have a program called College Ed. One period a week we read a bit, answer some self reflective questions and if we get through it quickly without driving me crazy, I take out the card games and they get to play a non electronic game for the twenty minutes before lunch.

This week's reflective tidbit was finding your voice. The point being, that words have power, a tool in the college prep arsenal worth sharpening. Never one to let the opportunity to use a cliche slip by, I added, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

"Especially if you stab someone with our pen and they get ink poisoning," A. added.

But we were not deflected. If we didn't spend too much time debating the relative weapon-effectivity of swords vs pens, the Uno cards came out faster.

So the reflective questions of this week: What do your teachers say about your writing?
It's great. G. wrote
How is your spelling and grammar?
What could you do better?

Me:"Great writers, always think there's room for improvement. I'm a better writer than anyone in the room and I could still improve."

G. How do you know you're better than me?

Me: Because you have 13 years of life experience and I have mmghfh years. Maybe when you have as many years on earth as me you'll be a much better writer, right now I still have the advantage.

G. But if I wrote something and you wrote something and people liked mine better wouldn't that make me the better writer?

Me: Would you like the Uno or regular cards?

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