Saturday, June 20, 2009

old year new computer

A year and a half has passed since I last made an entry. The school year is all over except for the shouting, but today I took half the per session money I earned in May and bought a little lap top. Over the last 30 years I have thought to chronicle my experience in so many different classrooms with so many different kids and from time to time I have. But not a lot. So the days are running out. By this time next year I can officially move my time card to the out slot for the very last time. I probably won't. But I could.

So between now and then lies a summer a vacation and one more year of school days to chronicle.
And a l have a computer that fits in my purse- something I couldn't have imagined when I faced my first class of students.

"I." saw me in the hallway after another afternoon of watching the raining bounce off the scaffolding as I watched people struggle through another Regents final.

I. "You look like Shirley Temple with your hair all curly like that"

Me: When I was little people said that to me all the time, but no one has said that to me in 40 years.

I. I like to watch old movies on tv.

And I took myself out into the pouring rain so my hair could curl more thinking about Shirley Temple being the first white person to dance with a Black person in the history of American Cinema. But I didn't mention it. Maybe I'll find a way to work that into the conversation next year.

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