Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theories of the Universe

Things I would expect to hear on the school bus on a field trip.

-99 bottles of beer on the wall
- Its my turn to hold the PSP
-Are we there yet? (this one often heard when we are on the apex of the Queensborough Bridge)

What I heard today

- It depends on the DNA they can extract
-Austropithicus may have been a direct ancestor of modern humans
-The Greek alphabet sung to the ABC tune

No I did not fall asleep. Even if I had, I doubt Austropithicus has an id location anywhere where it could be retrieved by my dreaming self.

I joined the sixth grade on a trip to the Hall of Science. Their teacher was absent and I filled in. So there I was on the school bus listening to Bernie expound to Kenneth (and in Kenneth's defense he never lost interest). Bernie had a set of notebooks in which he collected things that interested him- like Fibonacci's Sequence, the epoch's of earth's history and something called the Gaia Theory.

So this, I think is what Genius must look like. I showed off Bernie and his notebooks to the 12th grade math teacher (the closest we have to a genius on our staff) and anyone else I could find, once we returned to school.

I know what to do with the other side of the IQ bell curve. Bernie - that's a whole other story.

"I was like that growing up," a staff member I shared the story with, told me. "I was interested in learning about theories of the Universe."

Me- I was interested in learning how to use eyeliner.


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