Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Houdini writes a myth

Okay-back from the trip to Florida (old teacher's never die, they just retire to South Florida so I can visit them between snow storms)

And its back to "Make Up The Missing Credits- 'cause you didn't do what you supposed to do in the first place- course." It's the last period of the day and I admit I look forward to it. By the time ninth period rolls around, the calls from the support office about missing paperwork, the fight between the eighth graders and phone calls from irate parents fade into the background as jealous gods and vain goddesses strut into the forefront.

The English teacher, a young, thoughtful, caring teacher has been thinking really hard how to make the Greek Mythology course meaningful to people who find reaching the end of the Iliad and the Odyssey as elusive as scaling Mt. Olympus.

So for now the Iliad and the Odyssey are put away. We've been dissecting myths and looking at their place in the ancient world. The English Teacher thought maybe we could write our own myths.

I was late for Make Up The Missing Credits ...course today, stuck in the assistant principal's office discussing excessive flatulence with a sixth grader, his mother and the assistant principal (see why I look forward to ninth period). When I got there my buddies were struggling to come up with concepts for their myths.
But not Houdini- the teacher wanted a myth- he'd write her one.

I will leave today with Houdini's story. (Usually-I use the next letter of the alphabet to make an alias for the student - but I've been calling Houdini- Houdini for the last year. It's based on his uncanny ability to disappear in a split second)

How Thunder Came To Be

Zeus was married to Athena. But Athena was interested in Zeus's brother Hades. So she cheated on Zeus with Hades. They had sex. Zeus got angry and made thunder.

The end.
Bell rang.

Houdini disappeared.

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  1. Hope you had a nice time in Florida. So enjoying these warm last few days!