Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why people should.....

Why people should teach Shakespeare:

With love’s light wings did I o'erperch these walls,

Teacher: What animal is Romeo comparing himself to?


Teacher: Come on what animal has wings?

Elma: An angel?

Urv: A fly?

Frank: A cow?

Elma: Oh my God I am SO through with this class.

Why people should teach sixth graders after a long day with the above tenth grade class:

Cute sixth grade girl whose name I can't remember yet: They told me you were a very boring teacher but you're funny!

Why people should ride the public bus after a long, long day with above:

Me: Can you move your book bag so I can sit on the seat?

Bookbag young man: (after getting up and letting me sit) Can't you sit on another seat? Can't you move to the back of the bus? Can't you stand?

Me: I could do all those things, but didn't your mom teach you to give a seat to your elders? You're young and healthy.

BYM: Are you calling me ugly?

Me: No healthy, you look strong and handsome to me.

BYM: Handsome- can I have your number?

Me: You could but rumor has it I'm very boring!

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