Thursday, September 8, 2011

On wearing uniforms

I didn't believe in uniforms for public school students. I kind of thought the good thing about going to public school was that you didn't have to wear a scratchy plaid jumper and woolen knee socks. I wore jeans and t-shirts, my kids wore jeans and t-shirts and nothing itched.

But I'm getting used to the idea. In fact I found my school shirt and khaki pants today, so much easier than dressing up for the first day of school and the philosophy that students who adhere to uniform rules tend to adhere to other rules is growing on me.

So there I was in my school uniform giving out high school schedules today, this first day of school. Delia was looking for her schedule when the assistant principal sized up her version of the uniform- a pair of snug tan pants, a stretchy white tee and a spandex cardigan. Delia has the shape to pull it off- the outfit would have worked according to any teen fashion magazine. Delia didn't look slutty- just luscious.

But not according to Ms. AP. She fussed.

Delia's defense- I woke up in a bad mood - I've already given my mother attitude and now (Ms. AP) you're starting with me. And my mother doesn't have the money to buy any more school shirts.

More fussing- from both of them.

I said: Come on Delia you only got to get through ten more months before graduation and if you shut up and apologize and tell Ms. AP that you will gladly wear the school shirt I will buy you one.

So she did- but not too fast.
And an hour later the bill was in my mailbox.
And Delia was in the school shirt -open, with the tight tiny teeny tee shirt and the bottom emphasizing stretch khaki pants.

She still looked luscious.

Another year begins.

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