Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hall hanging and bathroom passes

We have these bathroom passes. If you are a student you can't go to the bathroom without the pass. Because then you would be in the hall without permission.

Of course there are always people in the hall without permission. I have taken to asking people why they come to school if they don't plan to go class.  But they ignore me or worse - they don't. I asked a group hanging out on the second floor what part of going to class they didn't get.

One turned around and answered,-the going part.
I am not a character from one of those feel good movies.
I cut my losses and moved on.  There is precious little time in the school day when I  have no place to be.

The problem with the bathroom passes- is I can never find them. If one would think all my years of seniority and good relationship with the principal would earn me a cushy schedule and a home-base classroom, one would think wrong.

I change classroom every period.
And my bathroom pass gets lost.

Nina needed it ninth period.  I told her to look in my rolling bag,

Nina looked in- "It's like a tornado hit in here," she reported.

So my mother has been reincarnated and speaks through the voice of sixteen year old girl.

I found the pass.  It was in a pile of reports I didn't file.
Nina could go to the bathroom.

Perhaps tomorrow I will file the reports.  My mother would have told me to.
Not to worry.  Nina  will remind me.

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  1. Cute! I tend to give each student a set number of passes at the beginning of the year. Then THEY are in charge of not losing them (not me!). If they use all their passes tough luck! They can wait until break or buy one from a friend :) More ways to monitor bathroom visits here: http://www.eslcarissa.blogspot.mx/2014/01/i-have-to-go-to-bathroom.html