Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Career Day

Mr. Teacherfish is tired.  He and Sisterfish both very kindly volunteered to share their professional experiences with the students at our school.  And I appreciated it.

Some things they found out:

  • Our school has no elevator even though its co-location position is on the fourth floor of a brick building.
  • Our school has no air conditioning- even though we are located on the fourth floor of a brick building
  • Adolescents get pungent after recess on  a hot,sticky, humid day
  • The same hormones that make that make them aromatic after recess make them poke each throughout the career day presentations
  • Four periods in a row  of presentations by people who are not used to talking to students, stretches everyone's attention span. Especially on a hot humid day.
  • And there is only one bathroom for an adult staff of 50 people which is not sufficient on a regular school day but when career day triples the adult population- professionals who think being able to use the facility at will is their right, in a professional workplace., find out that is not necessarily the case,
But at least some of the kids, picked their heads up off their desks, put their cell phones away and listened to the presentations.  

 I'm glad my students got to see who I spend my nights and weekends with.
And I'm glad the people who I spend my nights and weekends with, got to see how I spend my day.

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