Monday, March 26, 2012


I am sarcastic.
My old professor said don't be sarcastic- kids don't get it.
Perfect example.  We were reading a passage with a detailed description of pus. The kid reading it struggled through it.
"Yum," I said, as he concluded it.
"You would eat pus?"  he asked.
My old professor was right.  Kids don't get sarcasm.

Unless of course they do.
It's even worse when they are better at it then you.

Edison has long curled lashes, the kind I am jealous of.
I get to look at them a lot since I often sit next to Edison and encourage him to keep working.
Edison needs a little elf sitting at his shoulder reminding keep working.  He's not lazy, its just he keeps forgetting that he's supposed to be working.  Sometimes he giggles quietly to himself.  Another thing to be jealous of- there's just  not that many funny things during a school day that I can determine.

For lack of an elf, I sit next to him.  Today I reminded him like ten times in a fifteen minute period to keep working on a graph of an inequality.
Then finally he was done.

"Congratulations, Edison, I didn't think you'd get it done before I died," I said.
"Congratulations, Ms. Teacherfish, you are now immortal," he replied.

Sometimes kids don't get sarcasm.
Sometimes they do.


  1. I am a fourth and fifth grade inclusion teacher. I have to admit that although I've heard that sarcasm has no place in the classroom, I am guilty of using it way too much. And in fact many of my students actually do respond appropriately to it and "get it." Of course you have to be selective as to who you are sarcastic with, I would never be sacrastic with a very literal student, a student with autism for example, but many students can pick up on some sarcasic humor.

    1. The interesting thing is that Edison is on the "autism spectrum." Today I asked Edison a question in math. Lloyd called out the answer.

      "That's amazing, Edison, just how do you make your voice come out of Lloyd's mouth?"

      It got a laugh all around.

      Thanks for stopping by.