Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Obstacle Course

First week over. I survived. We are having construction in our school and the student support service team is squished into one little room. Computers, boxes and books and books and books are everywhere. I feel like that tv show that aired over the summer where the contestants had to cross an obstacle course to get a prize. The tv contestants traversed trails of padded rolling blocks and jello pool pits to get to a monetary prize. We jump rolling printer carts and milk crates to answer the phone.

Tara brought Terrance into our room at one yesterday afternoon. If I have to scale large boxes to make it to my desk, that's nothing compared to Teriq's commute. Apparently this young man, who came from a self contained Special Education class, had left his home at 8:00 am traveled on three trains through three boroughs and walked the final two miles from the subway station to reach the school. I lost my train of thought while trying to answer a question he asked (I had only been interrupted twice)
"I get easily confused," I told him.
"Me too,"he agreed.
But he had made it here.
We sent him home with directions from HopStop and the a metro card and the hope he makes it back earlier on Monday.

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