Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two days down and one hundred and eighty three to go. Things I am thankful for: cool weather, a computer that is connected to the internet and a principal that is not insane- perhaps not in that particular order. I could probably deal with hot weather and no computer.

I overheard a young lady on the bus describing her new AVID program excitedly. "Wow, I though- our AVID program is off to great start. But alas she didn't go to our school. Someone else's AVID program is off to a great start.

Edward came in with his mother today. After a year of hell and a full medical evaluation this summer, Edward returned to repeat the eighth grade. He sat through the conference looking surly but he was compliant and restrained for the whole day. The recommendation from the summer private evaluation asked for the moon and the stars as well as Non-public school placement and I have my doubts that will happen but let his mom try.

Also repeating 8th grade is Dorothy. Years of living with a father a step mother who regretted Dorothy's existence has made Dorothy a student who could best be described as not a perfect match for school. Last year she did not spend any two days without having a major conflict that involved security being called in. Then she spent three months in a residential program in a facility that specializes in students with emotional difficulties. But she returned the last month of school- sporadically attending but on our register. She, like Edward was disappointed and frustrated at being held out of the high school. But with her magenta dyed bangs and newly contrite attitude, she explained yesterday that her missing the summer school state tests was just another way she felt screwed by the adults in her life. Her brother turned eighteen this year so maybe he could petition their real mom into the United States and she wouldn't have to live with the evil step mother anymore. So I negotiated a meeting with the principal and maybe she could make it up to the ninth grade at some point during this year. Dorothy has been to every class and two days have passed and we haven't called security yet- not even close.

But she a magic uniform- it disappears from her body at least three times a day.

And so another school year begins.

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