Monday, January 18, 2010

Good In Math

I spend a lot of time in math classes. I solve for X a lot, find the interception of two lines and can even determine whether a graph illustrates a function or not. I act like I know what I am doing (most of the time)- and when I get hopelessly lost my ego allows me to find a bonafide real live math teacher -fast.

And I admit to the students who are struggling to find x, set up a ratio or sharpen a pencil with a rounded edge scissors-that I spent a school career, being not so good in math.

They usually don't believe me. I have become so proficient at locating that pesky little x even when it is surrounded with coefficients and exponents and even annoying little other variables. But that is what Facebook is for.

I joined Facebook late- I am too old for this -I protested long and loud. But then the ninth grade team went to Atlanta last summer the same week one of the Teacher Guppie's best friend got married and I wanted to see photos fast. Surrounded by twentysomethings at work and at home I somehow got a Facebook account set up (my first friend after the Teacher Guppies was my mother-in-law,`so I could no longer play the age card) And last week my best friend from junior high school found me and I quote from her message

(She writes about communicating with another friend) One of our more recent reminiscences was how bad we were at math. I told her by leaving after 8th grade she missed all the fun! She missed Mrs. Auerbach's 9th grade torture session, in which I was pretty sure YOU were my other half in what Auerbach called "The Idiot Twins". If Barbara had stayed we could've been "Idiot Triplets"

I'm gonna print it out.
Next time someone tells me they can't do something in math I will tell them if one of the idiot twins can they can too.

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  1. It's amazing, but facebook works for me, too. Never thought it would. When I first joined -- per a college friend who lives in Chicago -- I had to ask my friend's son who was a senior in high school what to do with it. Somehow I got it. Makes me feel good not to be "too old."