Monday, January 18, 2010


Inertia: the tendency of an object that is in motion to stay in motion and an object at rest to stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force

The middle school science teacher finds herself in the position in which her lesson plans are reviewed by the administration at the beginning of each week.

I find myself in the position of being cc'ed those lesson plans- in what capacity?
a) Coach? b)Mentor? c)Union Rep? d)chief shmuck?

I pick (d) if I have to choose.

So last night I set myself up in front of the Jets game with laptop and cheered.
For the Jets- not the lesson plans.

I did not launch the laptop 10 feet in the air (velocity 5 meters/second backwards) as I did with my cell phone when David Wright hit a homerun while I answered a parent's phone call the last season Shea Stadium was open) I did manage to learn basic physics while the Jets overtook the Chargers.

Me: When you fall backward cause the bus started suddenly when the light turns green, that's inertia, when you lurch forward when it stops that's momentum.

Mr. Not-a-teacherfish: Nope- that's inertia too, INTERCEPTION!-we got any more chips?

Me: No- some chocolate cake, what you mean it's inertia?

And Mr. Not-A-Teacherfish who was paying better attention in physics class in 1972 then Future Teacherfish who was sitting behind him, decides to search the internet for a better definition of inertia before searching the kitchen for a better piece of chocolate cake.

Somewhere between the Jets second touchdown and the Charger's missed field goal I got an inkling on how inertia and momentum might be related.

That's the thing about being a Special Ed teacher who wears the coach, mentor, union rep and chief shmuck hat - I get to be maven on so many things.

On to Indianapolis. Let's go Jets!

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