Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why teach?

So this was my day:
First period, ninth grade team teach algebra in the the algebra room.
Second period,sixth grade team team teach social studies in the science room.
Third period, lunch, in the Resource Room, and Elena came for help with her project.
Fourth period, resource room (really babysitting) with the self contained students who don't go to Spanish in the self contained classroom.
Fifth period another sixth grade social studies in the algebra room this time.
Sixth and seventh period science with the eighth grade in the science lab.
Eighth period I went to the bathroom- by myself.

Elena asked me if she could come for help during lunch. I knew it was going to be a hell day. But the algebra class had a project due on working wages and graphing and Elena got confused. Elena looked up the hourly wage of a kindergarten teacher and then graphed how much one would make as a teacher after working various number of hours. She needed just a bit of help figuring out the slope of the line. Elena is kind, and cooperative and enthusiastic. And grateful.

She reminds why I wanted to be a teacher.

According to Monster.com, kindergarten teachers make $19 an hour.
Elena wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

Crazy day followed by a heated union meeting.
So many attacks on teachers, so much frustration. So much yelling.

Why would anyone still want to be a teacher?
I'm glad Elena still wants to be one.

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