Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarcasm Part II

We have killed Lord of the Flies.  No fair haired, spear wielding, pig killing, English school boys could have caused more damage than our tortured reading of the high school classic.

With nine days left of the school year we are nearing the end the end of the book..  Wednesday ELA switches with math (for reasons only the person who does our schedule could explain) and bright and early we opened the now very dog-eared copies of the paperbacks..  Then I got called out to discuss the stupid missing IPhone again.(It remains an unsolved case.)

Charlie was struggling through the chapter when I returned. "Oh read it- please-Teacherfish!" more than one person begged.  (It's an  inclusion class, there was a general ed teacher present- actually he might have been the loudest beggar).

So I did. And I got to the part where Ralph complains to Piggy “We might get taken prisoner by the Reds.”

"What does Ralph  mean when he say Reds?"  I asked.
No response
No help from the general ed teacher.
And I realized that I was the only soul in that classroom who lived and breathed when there was a still a cold war going on. 

:"Does he mean the Boston baseball team?"  I ask a room full of Yankee fans.

Dead silence.
Then Lamont calls out.  "Of course not - the Reds are from Cincinnati."

Okay- I lose- short explanation about Communism and I read on.  That end of the year is getting closer by the second.

A few pages later Ralph, the main character tries his hand at sarcasm. Piggy is getting on his last nerve, complaining that if they don't get rescued they'll all go crazy.
So Ralph tries to be funny:

“You write a letter to your auntie.”
Piggy considered this solemnly.
“I don’t know where she is now. And I haven’t got an envelope and a
stamp. An’ there isn’t a mailbox. Or a postman.”
Ralph isn't any more successful at sarcasm than me.  But he cracks himself up anyway.

And as I read Cameron is talking away to her neighbor.  So I insert her name in the middle of the sentence. Cause that's a trick they taught me in teacher school.

Lamont laughs loudly.  "Now that's a joke:

"What Lamont?  What's the joke?"

"You calling Cameron's name,  you know- cause like her last name is Post!"

Everyone thinks this is funny. Though maybe this time I'm the one who doesn't quite get the joke.

The bell rang.  Mercifully.  We were onto lunch.

Kill the beast.  The beast is dead.
What is the beast?
Perhaps it was my sense of humor!


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  1. LOL! That does sound painful! That book always creeped me out.