Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tupac in May and more randomness

I read my work email. I think I was supposed to be working on an Individual Education Plan- I would do anything to procrastinate when I have to work on IEPs. I would have washed the floors- but I wasn't home.
And if you do that in school it pisses off the custodian.

 An organization associated with the school sent a request for blog entries about best practices in education.  I actually don't know much about best practices in education, but I know something about blog entries.

And I could win a Kindle.

So I sent in a revised version of Tupac in April and they published it.

Fifth period I was in the self-contained ninth grade class. When I got there, the main teacher was in the middle of long lecture about not getting into fights with the new kid.  Too many details for me to follow but there was a part about the new kid being crazy and sometimes you just can't see crazy- so if the my friends thought they were going to get into a fight with the new kid they should imagine a wheelchair on the new kid's  head, cause everyone knows you don't get into fights kids with wheelchairs.

And people think I say crazy things and get away with it.

I put Tupac's poem The Rose that Grew in Concrete,  on the board while I waited for the lecture to end. The organization that printed the blog, put a picture of a rose growing out of the concrete.  I showed the picture.

Someone asked me to read "my story."  So I did.

What did they think?

"Its a good story,"  Norton said.


"Really."  Norton replied.

And they liked the poem too.  Tupac does it again.

PS:  I didn't win the Kindle.

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  1. Aww, too bad you didn't win the Kindle! You could always submit it to other places and try to make some money!
    And... a wheelchair on the crazy kid's head? Hmm, interesting!