Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You knows its a bad day when:

    • You have to think on the way to work. I left my MP3 player in school on Friday.  When your chauffeur wears a MTA uniform and you spend a lot time walking to the bus stop- the MP3 player becomes your "car" radio.  Like the cell phone I spent the first four decades of my life without one.  Now the morning commute alone with my thoughts is pretty scary.  I am a bad ponderer.
    • You get two phone calls from angry parents before 8 am..  Long time ago in a more optimistic time a young man I knew wrote a story about his sister's birthday party.  It touched me.  "Do think I can be a writer? He asked. I showed him how to focus a microscrope. The amoeba jumped into focus. “Do you think I can be scientist?” he asked . He drew a comic book frame by frame about the trials and tribulations of a middle schooler. “Do you think I could be an artist? He asked. Now high school graduations draws near. He is way short of credits. “Do you think he can graduate?” His parents ask. “Not this year.” I am a failed support provider.
    • You can't find the red IPhone. Romeo's IPhone is gone. I can picture it. It is red- lots of cell phones in school. Not many red one. I remember the incident when he was forced to surrender it. Rules say no cell phones in school Translation- you must do something really egregious before someone takes it away. Romeo did. I wasn't the someone. Now it is missing. Romeo's dad would like it back. I looked all day, couldn’t find it. I am a bad detective.
    • You can't open the weekly newsletter from the principal since your computer loads up slightly slower than the your Apple IIe did in 1988. So everyone on staff comes to complain that the principal said attendance at graduation was mandatory and you had to wear all white, even though the graduation was planned for the first day of summer vacation. I emailed my supervisor at the union who made me go talk to the principal so I told the principal that she had agreed that no one HAD to come to graduation after the school year ended and anyway I don't own any all white outfit except for my wedding dress which is 30 years and 40 pounds away from being wearable.. She said she knew no one HAD to come or wear white BUT- she had high expectations for her staff. I am a failed union leader.
    And my day didn't get much better from there.
    Enough complaining.

    Four weeks until summer vacation. I hope I make it.
    I am a bad anticipator.

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