Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Augean Stables

What's your favorite part of the Hercules story? The English teach wanted to know.

Mine- the part where he clears all the shit out of the stables

Wait did I just say, shit, I meant poop or doodoo or as Wikipedia says, dung.

The busy room, gets even busier at the end of the marking period With the grading period coming to a close Friday, I have been deep into my negotiating mode. It goes something like this:

Student:I think I am failing everything?
Me: Why do you think this?
Student: I don't know but can you check my Teacherease page?
So I open the computer and check the student's electronic grade book page and the student is usually wrong- more than likely he's passing gym.

And then I print out the page (or many pages) of missing assignments and go around and negotiate with all the teachers.

I must have the most compassionate coworkers in the world. They all agree to allow student(s) to make up missing assignments filling up the busy room with an assortment of busy students writing about everything from the tasks of Hercules, the diffusion of oxygen across cellular membranes to the functions of quadratic equations. And I am supposed to know it all. And help get it done- all at the same time That's why when the English teacher asks for a favorite part of the Herculean story I respond with- clearing shit.

Oops! I shouldn't have said that.
But everyone swears they didn't hear a thing.
And anyway Jonathan says I can't get fired before he graduates, Connor says I'm like his school mother, and Bathea just wants me to finish the diffusion diagram

We go back to completing missing assignments- clearing the shit out of our own end of marking period electronic grading system, Augean stables

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