Monday, November 2, 2009


Ah-November. Teacher-parent conferences, behind us, Thanksgiving getting closer Veteran's Day even closer but first there is Election's Day Professional Development to get through. I used to categorically hate Professional Development- for some reason it reminded me of the Mark Eden Bust Development ads that used to appear in magazines with names like "True Romance or True Confessions." (Okay, now I think I really dated myself) The Mark Eden Bust Development product was some plastic contraption that promised to build the pectoral muscles of the user and thus enhance the appearance of her breasts. What then is the connection between professional development and advertisements from the back of the trash magazine from pre-silicon days?

Did someone say "futility?"

I am working on my bad attitude. Especially since these days I'm one of the people who plan professional development.

So let me stop complaining, close off the blog and try to figure out how to make formative assessments interesting.

Or work on my pectoral muscles, these days its not size that matters, but direction (as in not straight downward).

Did someone say "futile"?

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