Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and Baby Naming

Ah Thanksgiving! The TeacherGuppies are busy baking in the kitchen, and a relative prepares a turkey and fixings over the river and through the woods- so I am left here to blog.

Wednesday is advisory day- I noticed in other blogs that some districts around the country are off the day before Thanksgiving, but not NYC we were in school and working- or eating- or working at eating. Advisory, is the system, that was best explained to me as the elementary classroom meets the homeroom . So almost every advisory had planned an advisory feast. Not having an advisory of my own allowed me to cruise the feasts for samplings in every classroom Note to inter-classroom feast cruisers, bring your own plate- the utensils and paperware run out long before the food.

I ended up in the eleventh grade math room (Excellent- baked macaroni and cheese). I had missed the part about saying what I was thankful for and when I arrived Nathan was planning his future.

Nathan: I am gonna name my fist kid, "D'money"

Me: As in "In d'money"?

Nathan: Exactly, it's like you're always talking about setting goals and having high expectations.

Eleventh Grade Math Teacher (who is in the same age range as TeacherGuppies): You're not going to get any woman to agree that.

Nathan: I'll give the kid the name when his mother is pregnant and can't think.

Me: Wait a second- I was pregnant- I don't remember being completely stripped of cognitive powers.

Nathan: Okay, then I'll name the kid when they knock her out for the delivery.

Me: Hey, I gave birth a quarter century ago and knocking women out for delivery was already out of fashion.

Nathan: Don't worry I'll figure it out

Eleventh Grade Math Teacher: Go get some more macaroni and cheese.

Me: And use protection. (Though I didn't say that out loud- even though I should have.)

The pies are smelling good! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for your nice note. I know the Queens Mall and have been there a few times. Working right on the "R" line in Long Island City it's very easy to get to. I don't think I can brave it before Christmas, but would be glad to meet you there for coffee or lunch after the holidays.