Thursday, November 19, 2009

I liked the way the orange light looked next to the sunrise

The world turns. It revolves around the earth on a tilted axis. November, we in the Northern Hemisphere, see our days grow shorter as the the earth journeys towards the Winter Solstice. I learned that in Earth Science (well maybe I already knew it) but I heard it again today.

I was being aggravated- long story, one I don't want to tell. There are many blogs documenting the trials of being a teacher, I don't want to make this one of them. Mr. Copernicus (I don't have to make up a name for him, he gave that one to himself) was busy sketching diagrams illustrating the cycles of the Earth (or the Earth Science Regents) and Maryanna called me over. So I went to work with her. I was there to work with kids- not to be aggravated and if I am going to make the last few miles of a long journey I best stick to that.

The sun will rise again tomorrow.
Copernicus told me so.

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