Wednesday, April 4, 2012


One result of Open School night.
More students in the after school tutoring section.

I was surrounded by my ninth graders from the inclusion class. Two ninth graders sat down at the next table.  I didn't know them- they are not in the inclusion class and my foray into the sixth grade makes me less able to meet the other ninth grade students.

"So what kind of teacher are you?" one asked.

I was contemplating the answer when Uriah answered.

"She helps us- she just teaches you whatever you ask her to do.'

Good answer, Uriah, like the Passover song, it would have been enough, but then Uriah added.,

"And she helps the other teachers too, they go to her when they need help."

Not sure how Uriah knows this, but it made me think of the old song from Fiddler on the  Roof.

The husband asks his wife (who he met on his wedding day) if she loves him.  And when she answers affirmatively, his response::
It doesn't mean a thing, but even so
After 25 years
It's nice to know.

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