Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Advocacy and Diet Cokes

Kenya's mad. he failed two courses and can't play f----ing basketball. (No I am not quite sure how basketballs have sex and Kenya didn't find the question amusing).

Boring details.
Evan asked Kenya one day to name five NBA teams without first naming the city.
Kenya could name two- the Heat and the Knicks.
Ok- name the some cities and the teams- Kenya could come up with no more.
So I offered Chicago........, Indiana ........, Cleveland...........
Nope- Kenya could not come up with the names.
Now this six foot, seven thumb sucking center gets recruitment letters from colleges around the country.

My uncle had a joke about my aunt's bra size, that went something like when God was giving out tits my aunt didn't hear right and got on the ass line twice.

Kenya got on the height line while the brain cells were being distributed.

But does that keep us from assigning him chemistry and trigonometry?

So guess what Kenya failed?

I braved the displeasure of the guidance counselor, hooked the principal into the room and got Kenya rescheduled for inclusion geometry and science got put on hold for a year.

So is Kenya grateful? He's still not sure if he's back on the team.
And he needed to borrow a dollar to buy a drink. But in case the machine wasn't working he took one of my Diet Cokes and figured one thank you was enough for the advocacy, money and soda.

There- I blogged again!

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