Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Adam is back from suspension. I wrote about Adam before here
Adam had five good years and then Alvin got on his nerves. So he punched him. But first he put on a pair of gloves, because Adam doesn't like to touch other people. And then he knocked Alvin out cold.

Which landed Adam in jail and then at the suspension site. But he returned last week and today I caught him in the hall and asked him how his court date went.

Adam explained the details, he can't get in trouble, he can't talk to Alvin and if he does all that he the record will be sealed when he graduates. I said I was glad it went well.

And then Adam thanked me, and touched my forearm. Not quite a hug but a huge step for someone who can't stand touching or being touched.

Isiah and Miri are finished crying over the Regent Exam failures. The principal assigned them to another teacher for services. I guess I failed too.

They were hanging in my room seventh period anyway. Isiah told me I was the brightest teacher in the school. I don't know why, apparently not the opinion shared by the principal.

Louis finally got an appointment with the vocational office.

Juliss ended up actually passing the social studies exam, with a 55 (special ed students get a 10 point safety net). I suggested she also make an appointment with the vocational office, but the principal was horrified. In her second year as a senior she has barely passed three exams within the safety net range and only has two to go. The principal explained to her she could pass the remaining two and have a real diploma and go to college.

How can I argue that?

New semester starts tomorrow. i got assigned sixth grade social studies.

PS: i was determined to learn how to link to a previous post. It took me 16 tries- but I think I finally figured it out. Why give up after failing the English Regents three times?

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