Monday, January 9, 2012

Sick day and aggravation

Home sick today. Had a weekend of sneezing and wheezing and generally feeling like I was a germ manufacturing and distribution center all rolled up into one unit and the school might be better off if I actually used one of my 140 stored up sick days.

So I did.

I watched the morning news show. Found out white girls and skinny doctors can do double dutch. I'm not going to share that. Better everyone thinks my inability to do any physical activity that involves rhytmic intervals of lapses of gravity is due to pigmentation and not lack of coordination.

Then I thought I could do a small project for school on my couch while no one was around to interrupt me.

Sorting through the testing accommodations of 100 IEP students is not a small project. It took all day and three calls to the school secretary, the last of which consisted of her informing me that she needed to schedule a formal observation for me.

I have not been observed formally since 1993. (It's true I checked- I was looking for a form that said I went through some vaccination training, which I didn't find- but gave me a short "this is your educational life- tour of my career)

So I got aggravated.
And called the teacher who has a parallel job.
Who was out sick- because apparently my germ spreading capacity started last Friday.

Tomorrow back to school and pre-observation conference.
Pass the Nyquil.

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