Thursday, January 12, 2012

Negatron Fairies

I dropped my computer.
I ran from Resource Room where four seniors worked on four different Regents (The negatron fairy keeps whispering in my ear, they're not going to pass, give it up Teacherfish, they're not going to pass.)
I swat the negatron fairy away like a pesky mosquito.

The principal says; Failure is not an option.

The Harvard professors say a good teacher is the difference between suceeding in life and not succeeding, getting a good job or bad one, becoming a teen mother or staving off teen pregnancy
NYTimes story on study
And the four worked diligently on Regents they know almost none of the material- despite taking the courses over and over

Except for Ralf- he sat with me and the testing coordinator and gave advice about how we should proceed in organizing the exams. (In a universe far, far away- the old administrator considered us support staff and we had an office and time to work on this kind of activity- but now we have been put into our place as regular teachers- so we work on schedules with students in the room)

For the record I offered Ralf my job numerous times, but he declined, like a typical administrator- he gives advice on something he has no idea how to do.

But we made a skeleton schedule,we will work on it over the week, with lots of other advice, from those more qualified on paper than Ralf, but equally unuseful.

And then the bell rang- I hustled over to the room across the hall where, the teacher keeps a projector locked up because, someday her Smartboard might not work properly,
wait for her to finish with her students cause she doesn't like to be interrupted, get the projector, explain to the principal on the fly how tomorrow I will get to the report the district office wants by Monday that they emailed to her but she doesn't know what it means and forgot that she scheduled me for all teaching periods, since in her words, teachers teach. run through the hallway of the school downstairs because I think it's a short cut and forgot they dismiss at this time, interrupt two students taking love jabs and each other, to open the stairwell door since my hand were full and collapse into the sixth grade classroom.

I am very careful with the projector.
So I drop the computer.

And the video won't load up.
And I make Bailey cry because I yell at the class.
Cause I was teaching in that class and then I wasn't and now I am again.
Bailey doesn't do well with change. Living in multiple foster homes will do that to you.

This has been a complaining post.
The negatron fairy must be back.
I need chocolate! I hear it wards off negatron fairies.


  1. Can't send you chocolate via the blog, but we can find a date for dumplings. I tried to reply to your post, but it doesn't work. I'm at

  2. Sounds like a rough day! You definitely deserve some chocolate!