Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Beads

"Mr. Jones is in the building," the public address announced.

Intruder alert- move all students inside classrooms and lock the doors. The Mr. Jones thing, is the secret code.

"Must be a fight downstairs, that's why the want us on lock down," the eighth grader I urged out of the hallway told me.

I didn't say we are very good at keeping secrets.

Chere and her friend were down by our resource room in the high school corridor. There was absolutely no reason for two seventh graders to be in the high school corridor. There was no time to get their lost behinds back to the middle school, so I told them to go in (which to my absolute amazement they did without one single word of profanity or her signature booty dance which makes Chere the poster child for crazy in the seventh grade group that daily puts the special back into special ed.)
Geez- and I tell Louis to keep his sentences short and simple.

For a brief moment the halls were deafeningly silent.

Then Mr. Jones left the building, the announcement said. And the AP said unlock the doors and let 'em out.

So the doors opened and within seconds we were a stream of adolescent humanity again.

And as the stream flowed by I caught a glimpse of shiny New Year necklaces. Just like the kind I got in the casino New Year's Eve. Just like the kind I hung up in the room since who needed more junk in my house.

"You take my necklaces?" I asked Chere and her friend when I caught up with them.

"Ms ESL teacher told us you said we could have them," she said

Wow -Ms. ESL and I must have some telepathic communication cause I was on one side of the door and she on the other door during the intruder alert and everyone knows the two way radios don't really work in the hs corridor.

My sister thought I should have made them give them back, or at least ask for them.

She's right of course.
But sometimes a string of New Years beads just isn't worth the morality lesson on January 13th.


  1. I probably would have done the same thing, though it depends on how beat I am by the end of the day. Here's to dumplings!

  2. Maybe if you see her wearing them later, you could make a comment like "Wow, those look JUST like the beads I have over there! Hey, where are they?" ;)

  3. Stealing is always wrong, but I'm not in your situation.