Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I watched the news yesterday-the most common New Year's Resolutions- Lose weight, save more, improve relationship. I'm okay with my relationship- so I swap relationships to blogging more. I keep thinking about trying to blog 100 words a day and not worry about making a work of literary genius.

First day back-
Period 1- called out of Algebra because of new admit in the self-contained class. Stood at algebra teacher's door until she let me back.
Period 2-Held back tears during Mice and Men movie, took shooting the dog part hard
Period 3- Chased Emeline out of the wrong advisory classroom- and got subjected to her sucking her teeth at me for the rest of the day. She needed to use my cell phone to call for a ride at the end of the day so I asked her why she was mean to me- too tired to be back in school (her comment, my sentiment)
Period 4- Chased my tail in ELA since nothing was planned by gen ed teacher
Period 5 -Planned something for tomorrow's ELA
Period 6- tried to catch up on paper work while the ESL class got scolded by the ESL teacher
Period 7- looked at our place in the universe with the 12th graders- drew targets with room 420 as the bullseye and subsequent layers leading up to the universe. I found out that Louis could identify countries and cities all over the world. Millie could not- but at least I didn't yell at her- she doesn't like when I yell. Louis still amazing with me his knowledge of things that I didn't know he knew- (and everyone else still thinks he doesn't) but still far away from that elusive diploma. Millie closer- but I still feel like I'm trying to pick up the prizes from the treasure box with a claw that grasps but does not hold. Does that make sense? It was my illustration for the word elusive in the 12th grade last chance ELA class. Miri claimed she could get the prize from the box- but can she get the diploma? Not on my register- not my problem. (Okay that was a little harsh, but in the new world order- no IEP- no say from me)
And 8th and 9th period happened too- but now I'm bored of my reporting.

So there - I blogged. I stayed on my diet. And the second bus came as I got off the first- no time for a detour into the supermarket. So I guess I saved some money too.
On to tomorrow

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  1. Glad you blogged today. Blogged and stayed on your diet. I call that a win. Keep warm!